Saturday, 9 February 2019

After Work

        — after work
I swap my corporate suit
cotton jeans and an XL hoody

I slip off the pumps
and slip on
sensuous, bare feet

I trade in my keyboard
pistachio nuts and chilled Chardonnay

I shut down the spreadsheet
and open up
a big, fat newspaper

I push aside the ergonomic chair
and sink in
to my overstuffed second-hand couch

sweetest of all
I rip off my goddamn bra
exhale, free at last

        — after work

For one winter, I worked in a temporary placement office, interviewing prospective ‘temps’ for office work. Company policy was such that the interviewers were supposed to look at least more professional than the incoming temps. Despite the many -30 C days, I had to show up in a skirt and pantyhose five days a week. In silent protest, I literally peeled off my clothes the second I walked through my door at the end of a work day. Corporate clothing, of course, is ridiculously restrictive. But what choice do you have when you are young and need to start climbing the  ladder?