Thursday, 1 February 2018

2. High in the Blue


for Emily            


It was just yesterday when I saw you so small

toddling about in a little orange frock

with flaxen hair peaking out a small green cap

I saw you slouched upon your two best buds

head down, feet up, content as they come

as they read you a book, as they cuddled you up

I watched you grow, watched innocence fade

watched courage show up on velvety blades

as you danced and floated in sprightly moves

on mountains, on ice, in sequined shoes

And then one day I looked up

And saw a small speck high in the blue

And I knew the yesterdays were gone

the small girl in the orange frock

was now a young woman, proud and true

And as I watched you soar the expanse above

And kiss the ground with leveled wings

I knew tomorrow would be good

that you would steer strong and steady

gently and lovingly

with passion and nurture

Just as you always have.