Why I started this blog: 

I started this blog so that I have a place to write things down. If this blog happens to find its way to your online browsing experience, then I hope you take the time to read a piece or two. I am not a big social media user, so if you're here, it has likely happened by chance. 

Why I named it "blue jeans blog": 

I was born a tomboy and 65 years later, I proudly identify as a tomboy. Growing up in the sixties, in a small prairie city, this wasn't always the case. In fact, I pretty much felt damned awkward being a diehard tomboy. As a teenager, thankfully, I found great solice when wearing my Lee jeans and when smoking an Export A cigarette. I gave up the cigarettes, but will never give up the jeans. 

What's to read:

You could start off with The Tomboy Poems which is a series of eighteen poems which touches further on this identity. To get the full flow, please read in order from No. 1 to No. 18. 

You could also read the series called My Four Corners. In this series, you will find four very  special poems. Three were written to my three wonderful children. The fourth was written to a man I met not many years ago, and who I now am blessed to call my husband.  

If that still isn't enough poetry to satiate, you could read Random Poems:. Here you will find no themes at all. Only a smattering of poems I wrote as the mood happened to hit.  

If you liken all poetry to Vogan poetry, you could peruse Essays on Life. Perhaps there will be something there that strikes a chord. 

Last but not least. Well, perhaps, least, actually. I have written a fiction piece. It's a tad slow and maybe even a tad boring. But, you never know. Maybe someone will find some joy in reading it. 

So there you have it - The Bluejeans Blog. 

Happy trails. 

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