Sunday, 1 April 2018

4. The Hiker

for David

 I met a hiker once

With sure feet and a steady gait.

And as I watched him climb

With measured steps, he taught me 

to be present in this place

Not looking for more, not looking for next

Huddled in the warmth of his woods.


I watched the hiker and came to see

The beauty he found in nature's flaws

Whence I missed when I strode alone.

And through his eyes I saw unveiled

his hidden art

In the gnarled trees, and fallen leaves

Etched in ethereal ice.


As we trod on, the hiker beckoned me

To listen to the fragmented silence.

And so I shut my eyes as hard I could

And through the hiker's ears I heard

the forest songs

In tiny flutters, in whispered mutters

Shrouded in the nothingness.


As time swept by for the hiker and I

The winter of the woods stood still.

And as we held hands the long way home

His gentle patience steered me forth

to lean into his love

Not looking for more, not looking for next

Sheltered from the wayward winds.


And so we hike, and so we roam

Over ridges and valleys, now and anon.

And so we hold, and so we cherish

My beautiful hiker and I.